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Find out what may be causing you to wet the bed when you're an adult and what you can do to treat it. Bed-Wetting in Adults. In this Article In this Article You pee into a special funnel Author: Stephanie Watson. Jun 09,  · I was watching The Road Runner, but suddenly my attention was drawn to my diaper. It swelled up like a balloon, the pictures of racing cars faded instantly, and I could feel my butt getting wet. I must've peed like a racehorse for a good 20 seconds or more before I could stop.

Wet and Pissy features the most gorgeous European girls as they get intimate with their own golden pee. Featuring % exclusive high definition scenes, our seductive girls piss through their panties, catch their golden nectar and drink it and even dive about in puddles of their own pee before giving themselves explosive orgasms! Aug 05,  · Waking Up Wet or Wetting. which happened to be a NorthShore MegaMax diaper. I didn’t pee a lot or forcefully; it was more like a trickle. The next thing I became aware of was wetting again. So, when I suddenly began to wet I must have been asleep and woke up wetting. It’s hard to say exactly when I woke up. This is the 2nd time in.

You first need to check their back by pulling their diaper outwards. Check for a dirty diaper by looking for poop and pee. Then, put your finger between their legs to feel if it is wet. If it is wet, they peed. Feel around their anus to see if it still getting wet. This means they are still peeing. I suddenly felt an urge to pee and I ran to the bathroom to use the toilet. Then I realized that I was in a pull-up. I pulled my pants up and went back into the room. I sat down and kept on doing my homework and just relaxing in my bladder. Then I felt a warm squish inside my diaper and it felt sooooo good. I could smell it a little and I loved it!

Little girls need diapers for those long car trips! I was on a long drive to visit someone when I suddenly needed to pee. I had a diaper on under my skirt, so I could have just wet myself as I drove, but I decided I wanted to be a bit naughty and film myself for you guys while I did it. Soon her diaper would be taken off and she would be naked in front of her mommy again. Little Emily felt ashamed when her diaper was taken off. She hated being naked in front of someone - even her loving mommy. Soon, baby Emily began to pout and whimper. She had made pee pees inside her pamper! Her chubby little legs felt all wet, soggy, and.