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Worldwide Endocrinologist Listing The endocrinologists listed here are willing to accept referrals from gender therapists for hormone replacement therapy. Many will not accept a patient for HRT without first receiving a referral letter from an approved gender therapist stating that you have gender dysphoria, are in treatment, and are approved to start hormone therapy in accordance with the. Links, and other information on this webpage are for information only and represent the opinions and thoughts of the authors/web sites. Information on this website, including the referral listings on this site, is not endorsed by, nor does it reflect the beliefs of, the site authors.

Practice Name: Provider Name: Address: State or Country (if not US) Phone: Website: Practice Type: Life Centered Therapy and Spiritual Counseling LLC: Amy White, Ph. “Every endocrinologist should know about this condition, and in an ideal world, every endocrinologist should feel comfortable treating [transgender] patients,” Tangpricha said.

Dr. Zwiener is a board certified endocrinologist in Houston, TX, specializing in diabetes and transgender Hormone Replacement Therapy. At Braeswood Endocrinology, we . Managing transgender health requires a multidisciplinary team which may include one or a number of health professionals such as a general practitioner, endocrinologist, psychiatrist, gynaecologist, urologist, general surgeon, sexual health physician, speech pathologist or dietician. Peer support and family support is also very beneficial.

If you are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or queer and are looking for an LGBTQ competent doctor or healthcare provider, you have come to the right place. Search for a provider below by simply entering your location and choosing a specialty. LGBTQ healthcare is our top priority! Transgender-Friendly. No endocrinologists are currently listed in this category. [top of page] Transgender-Aware. No endocrinologists are currently listed in this category. [top of page] Transgender-Experienced. The following person identified themselves as a transgender-experienced endocrinologist: Kimberly Browne-Martin, M.D., Endocrinologist.