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Tantralink is a hub for promoting tantra workshops,events and festivals. Listing tantra teachers and tantra therapists both national and international. This is a gateway into authentic teaching both classical and the western dualistic approache. Sex to Spirit Movie does not represent or endorse any of the teachers or schools in this movie. Anyone wishing to explore the path of Tantra is encouraged to seek advice and referrals from a trusted source.

Leading teachers of Tantra suggest that even men who experience premature ejaculation can learn how to extend orgasm, and, with practice, to enjoy multiple orgasms. One of the most well known advocates of Tantra is the musician, Sting, who credits his fulfilling sex life to this ancient art.Author: Discoveryhealth.Com Writers. Ecstatic Living® Institute offers transformational SkyDancing® Tantra workshops, coaching, and vacation retreats that can help you discover everyday ecstasy and tantric love. Learn more today.

How Is Tantric Sex Unique? In the West, we sometimes view sex as a source of recreation rather than a means of transformation. The goal may be to reach orgasm rather than to pleasure our lover or to connect with him or her more fully.Author: Discoveryhealth.Com Writers. What I mean is this - a Tantric life is one where we recognize that every act we engage in is an act of lovemaking. Through a Tantric practice, not only will your relationships change and your sex-life get better, but the way you experience everything will completely transform.

May 22, 2017 · Muir also started to study the ancient Tantric texts, and began including more and more such teachings in his yoga workshops. By 1980, Muir made a full-time switch from hatha yoga teacher to Tantric sexuality teacher. Two decades later, he and his wife Caroline are still probably the best known teachers of Western Tantra.Author: Todd Jones. The Agama Tantra Instructor Training course prepares prospective teachers to deliver the teachings of left-hand Tantra to the world. Acquire the tools to be of the best modern tantra instructors, of the true tantric tradition. Become certified to transmit the sacred tantra yoga system to students worldwide.