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Jul 04, 2012 · TIL that a couple who was having sex in a SkyDome (now know as Rogers Center) hotel room was televised on the scoreboard Jumbotron during a baseball game. The SkyDome sex was a recurring problem, thanks to persistent guests of the Renaissance Hotel—the room windows looked right out onto the field. From an undated Slam! Sports article:Author: Emma Carmichael.

Sep 16, 2012 · Sex, drugs and stalkers, a look at the seedy side of the SkyDome Hotel: Exhibitionist Stadium. It hasn’t happened in a while, but in the early and . Metro Toronto police Sgt. Brad Brigham said people who perform sex acts in SkyDome hotel suites witnessed by those in the stands could face criminal charges of performing an indecent act, which.

Dec 01, 2008 · 9 Greatest Stadium Sex Moments Of 21st Century. Joe Kinsey | Dec 1, Being naked with the curtains open isn’t new at the Skydome. This summer a cameraman caught a naked chick hanging with some fratties, whom we can only assume, were getting a few lap dances between innings. History. SkyDome, called Rogers Centre since 2005, was designed by architect Rod Robbie and structural engineer Michael Allen and was constructed by the EllisDon Construction company of London, Ontario and the Dominion Bridge Company of Lachine, Quebec. The stadium's construction lasted about two and a half years, from October 1986 to May 1989.Architect: Rod Robbie, Robbie Adjeleian NORR .