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Alice finds new victims. Asia goes for a run but can't get a song out of her head. A potion to make her more confident has surprising effects. A stupid woman decides to taunt Reyna. Sarah recovers after her decision and longs for peace. and other exciting erotic at! Dec 21, 2002 · Mind Control Stories: I. I Alone. mc mf sf. by Jukebox. Posting a mind control story on line leads an interview with a publisher. The Interview (Chrysostomon) mc mf md in. A lesbian cougar uses a rapid induction and hypnotic suggestions on a young house wife to arrange a .

What young ladies don't know or can't remember A woman continues to turn her man. Hypnotising his crueller grandmother into being his slave He finds a ring that controls the minds of women A mysterious gem unlocks the dark desires within. and other exciting erotic at! The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive By Simon bar Sinister Disclaimer #1 Grown-Ups Only! This site contains explicit descriptions of sexual situations, and explicit and crude language.It is not intended for children. Disclaimer #2. This site is for fantasy only. The situations described here are at best impossible or at worst highly immoral in real life.. Anyone wishing to try this stuff for.

Mind control sex stories and hypnosis erotic fiction from Literotica. change picture. lesbian 224; femdom 143 Submit Your Story! Mind Control Stories Hub. Browse All Mind Control Stories New Mind Control Stories 1 4.19 I can make people do things 09/08/19 15. Science-Fiction, Mind Control, Non-Erotic, Romance Brother's Mind-Controlled Sisters 1: Brother's Cherry Surprise by mypenname3000 «After gaining mind-control powers, Randy learns about his sister's incestuous lusts!» Rated 95.2%, Read 65619 times, Posted Tue 12th of December 2017.

Story Codes: Female/Teen females, Female/Teen female, Teen female/Teen female, Incest, Mind Control, Voyeurism, Exhibitionism, Sex Toy, Virgin, Oral Sex For a list of all the Incestuous Harem’s Chapters and other stories click here. Comments are very welcome. I would like all criticism, positive and negative, so long as it’s. Mind control Nina once 'attended a party hosted by one of their clients, and to show everyone how well trained his 'new slave was, the master called her to him, where upon he gave her instructions to suck 'off one of the older ladies attending the party!.