- condom stuck in me


condom stuck in me -

Nov 15, 2017 · When a friend recently told me she peed out a condom, I had many questions. How long had it been stuck inside her? (A few days.) How did she not realize it Author: Anthea Levi. Me and my boyfriend had sex and the condom got stuck inside me. We didn’t know where it was and realized it was inside me. His sperm was still in the condom but a little bit was inside me. I’m panicking! I don’t want to get pregnant!

Mar 21, 2014 · The condom got stuck inside of me. Mar 21, 2014 Creative Crop/Getty Images. When my guy and I were having sex last night, the condom slipped off and got stuck inside of me. I . I broke up with my boyfriend and had sex with some one else and a couple of days later me and my boyfriend go back together and he was playing with me and stuck his fingers deep inside me and was like something was in there, then pulled out a whole condom i was motified he knew I had lied about not being with anyone else and I had no idea that.