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Find the best deals on rail tickets at Virgin Trains. Travel in style to London, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Glasgow & more. No booking fees! It's easy to get your hands on your Virgin Trains ticket after you've booked. Simply get it sent to your mobile app, home, or pick it up from a station.

Nov 04, 2015 · Here is step-by-step guide to collecting pre-booked tickets from train station machines when you've booked with Trainline. Skip navigation Thornapple River Rail . Self-service ticket machines. You can collect your tickets free of charge from any National Rail station that has self-service ticket machines - it doesn't have to be your journey departure station, so if another station is more conveniently located, you can collect your tickets from there instead.

How to collect my Virgin train tickets from self-collection counter if I book on and pay with paypal? How would I collect my ticket from the self-collection machine without a debit/credit card? uk trains tickets london train-stations. Picking up Italian Trenord tickets booked online when departing from small train. fast ticket, fastticket, urgent, machine, collect, pick up, self service, collection, kiosk, SSTM, location, advancedsearch, deliveryoption, screen_gettix_soon, screen_gettix, screen_travelsoon. You can collect your tickets from any of the stations in the drop-down list below, it doesn’t have to be the station you’re travelling from.

The Collection Reference Number is 8 digits long and contains a mixture of letters and numbers (e.g. XZ47I89P). For all bookings you will be given a 9 digit number as your Booking Reference (e.g. 123456789). Only the Collection Reference Number is required when picking up your tickets. TOD Ticket Collection. TOD or ticket on departure means you collect your tickets at the station. You can collect your tickets any time from the moment you book from any TOD station, so if your card will expire before the travel date you must collect it beforehand. Click here for a full list of stations and their TOD facilities. *Please click on your preferred station to check station opening.