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Naturist Fuerteventura Beaches. Sun lovers looking for naturist Fuerteventura will find that the island offers the perfect beaches to get an all over tan, as naturists can use most of the beaches on the island. There is no beach segregation for naturists, but it is common to see naturists on any beach outside of the main tourist beaches in towns. Sep 28, 2017 · The lagoons at El Cotillo also offer plenty of places for naturists to enjoy a private and relaxed day at the beach, since this space is so vast and less crowded than the beaches you can access easily from the main road.. If you are looking for sunbed and umbrellas on nudist beaches in Fuerteventura you will have a difficult time finding them, since these types of facilities are only .

Everyone is being a bit misleading here: there are no nudist beaches in Fuerteventura. Full stop. However, breathe a sigh of relief, folks: all beaches on the island are 'clothes optional'. I believe that extends to all beaches in Spain, actually. It's up to us to see they stay that way. The main nudist beach is Corralejo, about 1km south of the Riu hotels.Park at the 22km mile maker on the road and head across to the beach, or park at the hotel and walk south unitl you come to the Reynaldo's bistro sign. There are no beds here.