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Angel's eyes briefly flashed amber and he thrust his hips against her. He tightened his grip in her hair and leant down to sink his human teeth into his mark. "Mine". Buffy moaned loudly at the sensations against her neck and her sex, she shifted trying to get closer, she wanted more. Willow twitched slightly, chuckling at how Buffy moaned. “You’ll let me do this,” Willow said. “Y-yes,” Buffy said, gasping. Willow pulled back, keeping at a slower, steady pace, moving in and out of Buffy. She lifted her hands, running each up Buffy’s bare sides, sliding them inwards to grope her best friend.

Buffy moaned loudly and arched her back, clutching the bedding around her as Xander moved his hips forward, entering her inch by inch. He went down, a hand on either side of Buffy, and they locked eyes as he thrust forward with a grunt, burying his entire length inside . Buffy smiled at Cordelia as the seer and the rest of the Fang Gang left the hotel with Connor in tow. They were taking him to the beach, complete with 45 sunblock and many many blankets. Buffy turned and slowly climbed the stairs to Angel's room, determined once and for all, to break his silence.

Feb 29, 2012 · Another blow fell, making a lovely red stripe across the middle of her ass and Willow just moaned, hanging on to the chair as the pain rolled through her. Moisture began to leak down her legs and she squirmed. Buffy licked up the wet valley and clamped her . Buffy moaned and arched into her mouth, her hands in Faith's hair as she sucked hard. Faith swore she heard Buffy whimper as she moved her hand away from between her legs. Moving her lips to her other nipple, she slowly licked and sucked it, feeling Buffy's body responding in the most delicious way.