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My joke if I can recall few years ago. Once there was a husband named Harder living with his wife in a bungalow house. The door of the house has 2 holes. One day they got bankrupt. The wife was carrying tons of boxes. When she was approaching the door, she slipped and her breasts got stuck in Author: Stephen. Aug 06, 2019 · A bad joke is just that: a bad joke. But sometimes a joke is so jaw-droppingly ridiculous that it transcends its own awfulness and reaches a higher plane of funny.You don’t want to laugh—every self-respecting part of your brain is rejecting the guffawing impulse—but you can’t help yourself.Author: Bob Larkin.

We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.Learn more. I've collected tons of funny adult jokes for your pleasure. On Funny-Games.biz sex jokes site you will find all sorts of porn jokes, dirty jokes or nasty jokes. There are lots of sexy jokes, xxx jokes, sexual jokes, erotic jokes and pornographic jokes. Computer wins out in the end the funniest adult joke Blind man in restaurant he knows.

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Description: Hooray! We've made it to a mini-milestone with the toons! I dare one of you to pull an Ed for Valentine's Day.. Man, that's classic Ed right there. High Blood Pressure patient’s extraordinarily ruddy complexion Chicken Almondine man and his girlfriend were out to dinner one nigh Gents Go Out they are discussing their children while walking 29 Months Toddler man comes home after an assignment of 3-years Elderly Gentleman enjoying the company of a beautiful young lady Piece Of Jewelry girlfriend name engraved on it Mo and Jo two friends.