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2008-09 legislation cuts adult education - Proposed Budget Cuts

Adult education advocates have had two recent celebrations: The budget caps were raised through the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015; and we turned proposed cuts to adult education into a $13 million increase. These results certainly would not have happened without your advocacy. 2008-09 Budget Act Items Subject to Categorical Flexibility. Action on the 20Budget Acts Letter from State Superintendent Jack O'Connell dated February 25, 2009. Frequently Asked Questions. Please note that information about the flexibility provisions enacted in 2009 is .

Legislation Text: Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act - Title II - Adult Education and Family Literacy Act. WIOA Overview. AEFLA - Serving English Language Learners. Proposed Budget Cuts Trump’s Budget Proposal Calls for Deep Cuts to Education President Donald Trump’s 2018 budget proposal includes dramatic cuts to adult education funding and the complete elimination of many federal programs that support adult literacy, workforce development, and .

Analysis of the 2008-09 Budget Bill: Education Adult Education. The budget proposes $722 million for the adult education program in 2008‑09. This is $89 million, or 10.9 percent, below the estimated “workload budget” for the program ($811 million). Winter 2008/09 Special Issue on Lifelong Learners Changes in Adult and Community Education: The Impact of Policy on Organisations and Individuals Dr Ray Shore 1) Introduction In an article in Adults Learning (September 2005) Alan Tuckett the Director of The National Institute of Adult and Continuing Education (NIACE), asks whether.

Jun 02, 2018 · Though the Trump administration cut funding from the entire Department of Education budget without much discretion, these proposed cuts set a precedent for future cuts to non-traditional educational opportunities and directly contradict any effort to revitalize — or uplift — our most vulnerable populations in Appalachia and beyond.Author: Rachel Bryan. Dec 05, 2012 · Flexibility Has Had Significant Implications for Adult School Funding. Beginning in 2008–09, the state reduced funding for school districts due to declining revenues. That fiscal year, the state implemented a 15 percent across–the–board cut to adult education (the same reduction applied to the majority of other categorical programs).